#SilentSunday #MySundayPhoto 05.01.14


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8 Responses to #SilentSunday #MySundayPhoto 05.01.14

  1. Neesie says:

    Oooh I wonder what you went to see? :$

    • ideas4dads says:

      It was the Disney Frozen film which was great and would dwf reccomend. Great characters, great storyline and the singing was brill :-)

  2. wildwear says:

    Brilliant, lovely way to spend a wet Sunday. We watched frozen this week, loved how the girls kicked butt, you don’t normally get that in a Disney film.

    • ideas4dads says:

      Yes we watched Frozen as well. Really enjoyed it. It was our 4yo 1st trip to the cinema and by all accounts was a success. Our favourite character was Olaf the nice snowman :-)

  3. amanda walsh says:

    2 of my 4 really want to go see frozen

  4. OneDad3Girls says:

    We’ve not taken the girls to the cinema yet, not sure they’ll sit still long enough

    Thank you for linking up

    • ideas4dads says:

      We thought the same. Trumpet is 4yo and its only the last 6 months that shes really sat through entire Disney DVDs. Other friends have been taking their kids since before they were 3! I didnt even bother taking a 2yo as there is no way she woyld have stayed in one place for mpre than 5 mins. Anyway it worked out well and aprt from a wee break she sat through the whole (albeit on my lap). Would recommend it although a mid week showing or one of the weekend is what we will try next. 14 quid for dad and child is a bit steep in my book!

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