‘Review: Natures Purest Hug Me Bear Cuddle Robe and Wash Mitt’

‘Pumpkin has just done a korma poop that has taken out everything!! I think this would be a good opportunity to give her a bath and try the new towel set out?’ suggested High Command just as I walked through the door after a busy day at work….

Natures Purest Hug Me Bear Cuddle Robe and Wash Mitt

Natures Purest Hug Me Bear Cuddle Robe and Wash Mittt

Bath time in our house is something that has taken on a life of it’s own over the last four years. Bath time used to be about spending quality time with my daughters and enjoying that ‘special time’ with my girls after a tough day at the office.

Now the bedtime routine resembles something from a warzone (you can read more about my bathtime exploits here).

Now that we have three girls I am determined that equal time is given to Pumpkin, who was born three weeks ago (in dramatic fashion), and that she enjoys the same quality time with her Dad and isn’t handed down seconds for everything from her big sisters.

Interestingly although we have been inundated with gifts for her since she was born, one thing we had not received is a towel set.

So when the guys over at Natures Purest asked me to review their Natures Purest Hug Me Bear Cuddle Robe and Wash Mitt (£24.99) I was only too pleased to oblige.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure  what I could write about a towel but was pleasantly surprised with what we received.

Here are my thoughts after using it a few times:

  • The hooded towel and mitt set came in an appealing gift box in keeping with the design of the range and included a gift tag to write on and a nice bow as well
  • The quality of the material in the towel and mitt is evidently high and I believe it will last
  • The material was incredibly soft and has retained it’s softness after the couple of machine washes we have given it
  • The product description bills the cotton used in the set as 100% organic which is good for Mother Earth and all that :-)
  • The Mitt did not agitate Pumkin’s sensitive skin (we have been using cotton wool up until now)
  • The size of the Towel was nice and big to snuggle her up and keep her warm after the bath – the material in the towel dried her in no time
  • With the size of the towel being relatively big when compared to some of the other hooded towels we have it will have a long shelf life and we will get good use out of it.

Verdict – A lovely organic towel set that would make a lovely gift to any family with a newborn and due to its its large size and obvious high quality will have a long shelf life

Click here for more info on this product and Natures Purest entire range.

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The products were provided for review. Thoughts are my own.

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