‘I’ve Been Nominated #MadBlogAwards 2014’

‘You’ve been nominated for the MADS’ said the tweet. I have to admit I was so excited a little bit of wee almost came out.


Ive been nominated

I am really pleased to say I’ve been nominated two weeks running (week 1 & week 2) for Most Entertaining blog in the MAD Awards 2014.

You can read my post here on why you should vote for me :-)

If you havn’t already it would be very much appreciated if you could vote for my blog in the Most Entertaining category (and any other categories you think I should be including New Blog :-).

My blog url is:


You can vote here:


Thanks in advance :-)

About Tom @Ideas4Dads (AndMumsToo!)

I am a 35-year old chap whose life just over four years ago changed forever – I became a Dad! I enjoy blogging about my family’s exploits with a humorous slant on things and I must admit I have a mischievous sense of humour and enjoy making my readers chuckle. Readers of my blog, which are both Dads and Mums, say they love the self deprecating humour interwoven with glimmers of useful advice and appreciate the ray of sunshine it brings to them. Although Daddy Bloggers are considered small fish in a very large Mummy Blogger pond, many Mums love reading my blog and even forward them on to their other halves :-)
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  1. Steve says:

    Congrats on your nomination

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