‘Activity Idea: Tree Climbing’

‘Daddy, Daddy, look how high I am!’ shrieked Poppet my 4 year old as she happily climbed one of the trees in our garden.

You can’t beat a good bit of old fashioned tree climbing!!

You can’t beat a good bit of old fashioned tree climbing!!

Activity Idea: Climbing a tree

Ingredients: You, your kids, some roughy toughy outdoor clothing and of course a good climbing tree

Budget: Free

Duration: 1-hour to a whole day out

Weather: All year round but best to avoid wet conditions as these can be slippy

We have been living in our new home for just under a year and I have to admit it never occurred to me that the two large pine trees in the front garden could be good climbing trees.

When I was growing up, from as young as I can remember, I was always climbing trees, whether they were in our family garden, at the local park or when we went for walks in the woods.

I have three girls and there is nothing yet I have found that they won’t do!

And this recently includes tree climbing!

Poppet has always been an intrepid explorer and fiercely independent since the moment she was mobile (she was so keen to explore the world she was walking at 9-months). And with  Dumpling (2yo) idolising everything that her older sister does we have two very active and ourdoorey daughters.

So it was no surprise just recently that they have both begin to climb the trees in our garden.

As the two climbers in our garden are pine trees, they have lots of nobbly bits and dead branches within the canopy (crikey I sound like David Attenborough). And these can prove quite a hazard for getting caught on and hurting hands!

But this was soon sorted with the use of a hand axe and we now have a couple of trees that will keep the girls entertained for at least an hour whilst we are in the garden.

Now that they have shown an interest in climbing the trees we need to go out exploring and find some good climbers out and about on walks around the house!

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  1. John Adams says:

    I’d love to see my kids climbing trees. Sadly there are too few suitable one near us. They’re all too big! Sure when they’re older it’ll become a favourite pass time.

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