‘Activity Idea: Building a Space Rocket’

‘I can’t believe its starting to rain…….right everyone inside’ ordered High Command as I smugly initiated Operation Space Rocket…….a cunning plan I had conjoured up some weeks before.


Activity Idea: Building a Space Rocket

Ingredients: You, your kids, a really large carboard box, industrial sellotape

Budget: Free (if you already have the bits lying around)

Duration: 1 hour

I have been meaning to do this for a while. Since getting our aquarium, which came in the biggest box ever, the box has been sat in our garage waiting for a rainy day at home.

And that day came at the weekend.

I must declare that anything that involves the word ‘Craft’ sends me into a state of sheer panic.

Since childhood I have ben unable to colour anything in without it looking like a bowl of spaghetti on acid.

As for drawing a straight line well lets just say wonky doesn’t even come close!!

But I am determined to be more creative with my kids and, well, they do say it’s the taking part that counts afterall!

So at the first sign of rain drops I called the girls in and initiated the building of the space rocket.

Well I say building as that’s a bit dramatic. With colouring pens in hand I drew a rocket on the side and Poppet coloured it in.

Dumpling coloured the rockets in on the bottom and then under instruction from Poppet (she takes after her Mum so maybe I should be calling her mini-High Command) we used various colours to create a control panel.

The girls loved it and it was great fun doing. Although initially the activity kept them entertained for an hour, delaying the inevitable cbeebies, the rocket has been ever present in the lounge all week

You can see more snaps of the shenanigans below.

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2 Responses to ‘Activity Idea: Building a Space Rocket’

  1. WallyMummy says:

    A space rocket in an hour… forget being a Dad you should be working for frigging NASA lol 😉

    But seriously, I’m so shit at stuff like this so I totally applaud you 😉 I come out in a sweat when she finds a the playdough tubs… *mops brow* :)))

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