‘A Blogging Repetitive Strain Injury – WTF!!!!!’

‘I honestly can’t use my thumbs’ I moaned to High Command after my thumbs decided to give up the go after what I am embarrassed to admit is down to too much blogging using my Smart Phone.

My thumbs are buggered

My thumbs are buggered


I can’t believe it….

I just can’t bloody believe it!!!!

I have managed to injure myself blogging!?!

‘How have you managed to injure yourself I hear you say?’ – well all will be revealed in a moment.

I mean one of the attractions to this whole blogging lark in the first place was that I couldn’t possibly injure myself.

You see I’m the person that always injures themselves.

Whether its football, paintballing or extreme flower arranging…I’m the one who is always carted off in the back of an ambulance.

Now when it comes to blogging I am blessed with the multitude of platforms I can tap out my posts and generally be a nuisance online.

Whether it’s my laptop, my android tablet or my Galaxy 4 Smart Phone I can bang out my dross in next to no time.

And the thing that has really been a game changer in enabling me to keep up with my blogging, and even knock out a blog post or two, has been my Smart Phone.

WordPress, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram, Tmblr, Gmail, Camera, Editing software – all  the apps are there at my fingertips for me to blog on the move.

Whether I’m on my lunch break, stuck in traffic or treating myself to a crap in peace at work (because lets face it having a poo at home without being clambered all over is the stuff of distant memories), I can immerse myself in my blog on my Smart Phone.

And herein lies the problem.

In order for me to write a post quickly on my Smartphone I type using my thumbs.

After a couple of weeks of doing early morning and late night shifts with our recent addition to the family (you can read here about how No3 joined us in dramatic fashion), I have hurt my thumbs through excessive blogging on my Smart Phone.

Trying to blog on a laptop or tablet with a newborn asleep on your tummy is nigh on impossible.

And I have to admit my thumbs are KILLING me.

I know I’m a bloke and most people will think this is me just being a wimp but I’m in AGONY.

I just can’t believe I have been able to bugger myself up blogging – I mean come on who hurts themselves blogging!!!

But unless you’ve had repetitive strain injury you won’t know just how bloody painful it is!

Anyway I don’t know whether this is a common injury but thought I would share so others don’t suffer the pain I have 😉

Needless to say that I am writing this post on my laptop, sat with good posture and taking breaks every 30 minutes….

Hang on is that a crook in my neck…think I am falling to bits!


Anyway have you managed to hurt yourself blogging?

As always would love to read your comments :-)

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