’13 Things I Have Learnt In The Second Week With Newborn No3′

‘Dumpling has just kicked her in the head’ so the text read I had just recieved from High Command. As if having a No3 newborn isn’t hard enough, having a rabid two year old who is well and truly into the ‘Terrible Two’s’, really does make the days that little bit more interesting!!!


The fortress under attack

We are nearing the end of Week 2 after the somewhat dramatic arrival of No3, our third daughter (you can about that story here). So together with our 4yo and 2yo girls, we certainly have our hands full…

Here are some of our latest observations having survived the second week:

– A travel cot doubles up as a fortress for No3 to repel insurgency attacks from her big sisters

– You repeatedly tell yourself that three kids is no different to two….in the vain attempt to convince yourself, as you cry yourself to sleep, that you are holding it together……. until you start thinking about what life will be like when No3 begins crawling!!!

– Ditto above but regarding all three daughters bringing home their first boyfriend…

– Plastic forks really do cause distress, when poked in No3’s face by her 2yo sister

– Suddenly taking the two elder siblings off on an outing seems a lot easier than before given the alternative of having all three together…..

– The novelty of a newborn sister has worn off for our 2yo who has reverted back to being a tinker which includes attempting to kick No3 in the head then laughing like a crazed dictator as if she is the funniest thing since sliced bread

– Going back to work after paternity leave for a rest is great really sucks

– The majority of presents recieved for No3 are cheap tat that will most definetely be returned or recycled

– With three daughters and a female dog, my initial solution of purchasing a garden shed, to which I could retreat to when the Oestrogen gets too much, appears to be an expensive option; so I am now exploring an allotment as an alternative……excuse me as I indicate into the fast lane of excitement in life 😉

– Our 4yo and 2yo appear to have turned a corner from wacking each other with random toys and are now showing the first signs of actually playing with each other (the Master Plan of having siblings close together so that they provide reciprocal childcare seems to be coming to fruition)

– If one more person says No3 looks like me I am going to register their phone number with every single telemarketing agency, and if that doesn’t make me feel better, then they are going to get ten Dominos pizzas delivered to their house this weekend

– You can’t help but secretly feel like a special ops commando when you don the Baby Bjorn carrier – but the reality soon dawns on you that really you are fat, and the various straps do you no favours whatsoever for your love handles/moobs/potbelly

– There is no place to put all the newborn cards without them being knocked over by ‘inquisitive’ little helpers

As always would love to read your comments :-)

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15 Responses to ’13 Things I Have Learnt In The Second Week With Newborn No3′

  1. Tim says:

    Hang in there, Tom, it soon gets better!*

    * I’m lying. It does get better, just not soon …

  2. Quite a handful but it will get better :) #binkylinky

  3. mydaysni says:

    I only have two, but yes, a travel cot fortress is a necessity in my house!

  4. Beth says:

    I laughed out loud at the “cheap tat” point. You do get some blinking awful stuff, don’t you? I think people go blank and panic and think “Maybe they’ll really LOVE this pink gingham & diamanté encrusted ‘My first photo’ frame”.

    It’s a terrible thing to be ungrateful when we live so comfortably and there are so many people in the world who struggle to get the basics, let alone gifts, but I mean COME ON!!


  5. Sarah says:

    I don’t know how you manage with three – I have enough of a job with just the one!

    Oh, and I’m a secondary teacher – good luck for when you’ve got three teenage girls on your hands!! Hopefully they’ll have stopped kicking each other in the head by then though :-)

  6. I’m sorry but this did make me laugh!!
    I’ve always imagined myself with three kids. Right now we have one, he’s 8 months and its crazy here, all of a sudden three seems kinda impossible!! The reciprocal childcare is definitely an appealing thought though! I’m sure at SOME point they will all play lovingly together, you know for like 5 minutes or so :)

    • @Ideas4Dads says:

      Glad you found it amusing – believe it or not if I can make others laugh with our mishaps then it makes me feel better :-) I actually had all three today on my home at whilst High Command treated herself to some QT time and went swimming – I did an hour and a half and lived to tell the tale :-)

  7. Hi ! Oh my God, now i’m not sure if your case is worse than mine was 16 months ago when my twins were born and my son was only 2 ! I don’t think I slept at all for about 2 months and still now it’s really hard with three, but as your little girl becomes less fragile and starts enjoying your older girls things will change. :)
    You’re funny, good luck !
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