’13 Things I Just Can’t Get Away With The Kids Anymore’

‘Yes Daddy but why?’ enquired Trumpet


We are about to pass another landmark with Trumpet reaching her 4th Birthday in the new year.

And with the imminent arrival of No3 in March I have been reflecting on how things have changed over the last 4 years and the corner cutting that I just can’t get away with these days.

Here are my list of things I just can’t get away with now:

– Skipping pages when reading the bedtime story to get through it quicker so I can veg out on the sofa

– When asked why just saying that’s the way it is!

– Listening to what I want to listen to in the car

– Talking with my mouth full at the dinner table

– Having a sneaky biscuit without everyone wanting one

– Letting out a silent trump without being interrogated as to whether I am the culprit!

– Watching Football Focus on Saturday lunchtime without being told to turn over to Ben & Hollie – scratch that I am never able to watch what I want on TV

– Being able to have an adult conversation with High Command at the dinner table without being interrupted

– Eating a packet of crisps in peace

– Having a lie in without being jumped on and told the sun has come up

– Growing a moustache without being interrogated as to why I have ‘Whiskers’

– Walking into the house after work in the evening and treating myself immediately to an end of day poo in peace

– Mowing the lawn without experiencing a pitch evasion

I’m sure there are lots more I just can’t recall them in my sleep deprived haze!

Would love to hear things that you just can’t do now that you’re a parent :-)


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I am a 35-year old chap whose life just over four years ago changed forever – I became a Dad! I enjoy blogging about my family’s exploits with a humorous slant on things and I must admit I have a mischievous sense of humour and enjoy making my readers chuckle. Readers of my blog, which are both Dads and Mums, say they love the self deprecating humour interwoven with glimmers of useful advice and appreciate the ray of sunshine it brings to them. Although Daddy Bloggers are considered small fish in a very large Mummy Blogger pond, many Mums love reading my blog and even forward them on to their other halves :-)
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19 Responses to ’13 Things I Just Can’t Get Away With The Kids Anymore’

  1. Sean says:

    As much as I can’t wait for my eldest to become a reader, I dread the days when he can tell I’m reading him the “abridged” version of his books. He’s just turned 3, and thankfully hasn’t yet caught on that the amount of time it takes to read through a book can vary directly with how tired Daddy is, how soon supper has to be made, or how many books we’ve just read through.

    • ideas4dads says:

      Lol tell me about it.

      At one stage our 4yo was demanding 6 books to be read at bedtime!

      I can still get away with abridged versions on new books but if I try it on one of the regulars then wo betide me!!!

  2. Oh the dinner conversation is the thing I find most frustratin 1 because my husband still doesnt quite get that its easier to just download after bedtime and 2 because whilst I can multi task lik a pro, i can not cope with 3 conversations at once !

  3. John Adams says:

    You mean you actually get to have a lie in? Clearly you must as the children apparently disturb it! I must be doing something wrong.

  4. Tim says:

    The two things I miss most are my weekend lie-ins – 5:30 is par for the course if I’ve drawn the short straw and even if I haven’t 7:30 is best case – and the ability to take a 10-minute time-out for a cup of tea. Looking after two kids, there’s always a quiet spot or two in the day – with three it’s just full on. Which is why my wife and I often employ divide-and-conquer tactics at weekends – we split the three of them between us for large swathes of Saturday and Sunday.

    • ideas4dads says:

      Lol divide and conquer – will be adding that to the armoury of things to counter the impending 3 Kid Insurgency that is about to be unleashed upon us :-)

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  6. Neil Blaiberg says:

    Haha. I trained my 6 year old to watch match of the day.

    However my daughter will be talking soon, so that could be the end of our tv majority

  7. lol these are all so true!!! #archiveday

  8. WallyMummy says:

    Yep, yep, yep… *nods along* except I would never mow the lawn… I’d spill my wine…?! :)

  9. Tim says:

    My second time around, so a second comment from me. When we had two kids aged 4 and 2 it was still possible to have a conversation at the dinner table. Now, with three aged 6, 4 and 2, it’s just a cacophony of children shouting over each other enthusiastically while we try to quieten them down. It’s not so much that they’re rude at the dinner table, more that it’s become a place associated with intense conversation where even Toby (the quiet one) happily joins in. It’s quite nice, really, even if it means adult conversation has to wait until later …

  10. My kids are 27 and 25 now, out on their own in the world. The marriage is over, and I don’t need to listen to “downloads.” I can sleep in as long as I like. But those early mornings in summer on the back porch, when I’d hear the “thump” on feet hitting the floor, and realize my paper reading time was over, and the coffee was going to get cold because a five year old was going to need my lap.. I can still see the little legs hanging over mine, feel his head resting on my heart. And I miss it. I know, and I remember, the exhaustion, the wistful desire for a self again, the absence of boundaries. But pay attention. It’s gone in a blink

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