‘Conquering The Bowl of Shit Syndrome’

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‘Right that’s it….I’m taking matters into my own hands!!!’ I muttered to myself as I rooted through what has become a Bowl of Shit on our kitchen window sill. So I admit it……..I didn’t not read the small print. Whilst … Continue reading

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#MySundayPhoto 16.11.14

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‘The 10 Things As A Parent I Long For The Day When…..’

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‘Isn’t this nice’ I said to High Command as we sat down to have a rare meal in peace after putting the kids to bed early. I don’t know about you but it’s been a mixed bag since becoming a … Continue reading

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‘Mr. Men & Little Miss Are Back At Beefeater!’

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‘Beefeater restaurants have teamed up with the creators of Mr. Men and Little Miss and we have been invited to the launch party at the Guildford Parkway Beefeater on Saturday’ I said to High Command I have to admit when I was growing … Continue reading

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#MySundayPhoto 09.11.14

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‘My Top 10 Fears of Having a Vasectomy!’

‘Well I think it is time I start looking into the whole V thingy’ I whispered to High Command as I felt my testicles contract. After popping out baby No3 earlier this year, in somewhat dramatic fashion, our beautiful family is … Continue reading

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‘Just How Many Paintings/Art Should You Keep?

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‘I’ve got a folder that I keep the best bits in but I’d just throw that away!’ High Command exclaimed as I contemplated what to do with the large pile of crap/repetitive/eyesore wonderful drawings by Poppet and Dumpling. I once … Continue reading

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#MySundayPhoto 02.11.14

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’10 Ways To Instil Loyalty & Fairness in Family Life’

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‘Please go and apologise to your sister for pulling her hair….AGAIN’ I said to Dumpling after she had pulled Poppet’s hair for the 8th time!!! For me family is everything (even though I can be guilty of letting myself get … Continue reading

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‘Well Spank My Award Winning Ass & Call Me Charlie’

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‘Thank goodness I have not done a Leonardo DiCaprio’ I sighed with relief to High Command as the Love All Dads 2014 Award winners were announced. As some of you will know the Love All Dad 2014 awards were recently … Continue reading

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